To succeed in an increasingly competitive environment, laboratory operators are adopting a “don’t go it alone” mentality. Here are five partnerships that are helping owners/managers grow their businesses, share valuable feedback on new technology, gain buying power and even create an exit strategy.

Arian Deutsch, CDT, DTG, shares his technique for using microwave technology to deliver predictable, consistent results with expedited turnaround times.

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From non-traditional work schedules to wellness programs, laboratory owners are thinking outside the box to help their employees better juggle work and personal lives.

To help dentists reap the benefits of their chairside CAD/CAM systems, Christian Scull sets up in-office laboratories, establishes protocol and trains dental assistants to design and finish the units.

Because of the limitless reach, immediacy, interactivity and cost-effectiveness of social media compared to many traditional marketing strategies, content marketing has become the Next-Gen marketing strategy. It’s a soft sell and relationship building at its best.

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