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Iv'e worked with Keating Dental Arts since the day we opened the doors. My Dad who started the business gave me a opportunity that at the time was hard to pass up. I started working at the lab when I was eighteen and was part of the shipping department. We had one person login the cases while I made sure everything was packed correctly and shipped out to our dentist. After learning the basics I moved to the plaster department and begin pouring models it was a fun a fun job which made the day go by fast. Next, I learned how to wax. I was taught by one of our technicians and found out how difficult it was and decided that waxing wasn't for me. As we started to grow we moved our lab to Irvine, CA. I worked in the customer relations department where I was able to build a relationship with our doctors. Shortly after my customer relations position I was moved into Sales and Marketing where you can find me today. Ive been to some of our local shows and have spoke with many of our vendors and have been able to sit in on some of the best lectures in the business. I also spend a lot of time improving our online presents and try to get our name out as much as possible. Here at Keating we are always up to date with new technology and consistently learning new techniques. I can say that I have learned something new every day. On the weekends I participate in some of the largest fishing tournaments on the west coast. And, I also enjoy playing baseball for the Southern California MABL -Colt 45's.

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  • Keating Dental Arts

    Digital Marketing · Irvine, CA

    As an innovtive, quality-driven dental lab, we provide our dentists porcelain veneers, full-cast gold crowns and life-like composites, Keating Labs veneers are hand-layered porcelain on platinum foil as well as porcelain fused to metal prosthesis.