• Should I take on outsourcing work?

    An outsource lab calls me up and wants to send me some work...Do I... A) Bring it. Cant say no to money coming in. B) Do it, i'm flattered they thought about using my work and this can help pay some supply costs. C) Do it for a bit and only take the units I want. D) No, My business is built...

    Most recently January 12, 2012

    If you don't..........send them my way;) Does that answer your question? Dude, 10 years ago my answer may be different, but in today's economy, I NEVER turn down work unless it's not profitable. Look at the latest LMT cover/chart. Do you want to be the 31% or the 41%? HOWEVER, all of our situations are different. But I am learning as a "younger" business owner, my lab can not be ran how my dads generation ran their labs. There is an unquestionable lack of loyalty more than ever before BECAUSE of the economy. But everyone is different. Some people NEED to work because they're hungry, and some WANT...See more

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