• Should I take on outsourcing work?

    An outsource lab calls me up and wants to send me some work...Do I... A) Bring it. Cant say no to money coming in. B) Do it, i'm flattered they thought about using my work and this can help pay some supply costs. C) Do it for a bit and only take the units I want. D) No, My business is built...

    Most recently January 12, 2012

    I'll buck the trend and say "D". If you truly are quality, and have a known reputation, I say build upon that and set yourself apart from others. Gain even more education , i.e.Lab Day :-) hands on courses, and most of all become indispensable to your nearby accounts, as in custom shades, evaluating your work in the mouth, understanding cements, bonding etc. to be a resource for them.

    On the other hand, if you are hurting for work, what the others here are suggesting are good points.

  • Zirconia staining tips?

    Just wondering what everyone else is using for their zirconia staining... we've been using the Tanaka system, and it doesn't seem to give us very consistent results. Does anyone have any tips for using Tanaka stains, or have a better stain suggestion?

    Most recently February 26, 2012

    I tend towards the Noritake CZR Internal Stains..for the framework staining (not the Shade Base Stains)

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