• What's the current business climate like?

    As you know, LMT keeps track of the business climate on a regular basis. It's that time of year to get your feedback. If you also have some insight about the regional climate for labs, please share that too.

    Most recently February 17, 2012

    We are restructing, new management, new graduates from accreditated schools, new technicians with alot of experience, and keeping dedicated technicians willing to learn the new technology that is coming. Lots of new marketing and Plan of action. Numbers looks good, but ask me in six months.

  • What are the big future technologies?

    How far out on the horizon is full arch digital impressions, model printing and full arch appliance (ex. tmj orthotic) 3D printing? I have acquaintances who manage very large labs and are "playing" with this technology, I understand the current costs, which are prohibitive for small, boutique labs. ...

    Most recently February 26, 2012

    Nice seeing this discussion, me, too new to the bridge. I would like some sugggestion too.

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