• Thayer Dental Laboratory: You Can't Beat a Four-Day Workweek

    Mechanicsburg, PA

    Owner: Greg Thayer

    48 employees

    Ever wish you had an extra day in the week to run errands, go to appointments, spend time with family or just chill out? The employees at Thayer Dental Laboratory have just that thanks to the lab’s four-day workweek adopted in 2005.

    “Ninety-five percent of our technical personnel work four, 10-hour days and that provides them with a better balance for their personal life to enjoy hobbies, interests or time with children,” says Lab Administrator Robert Gitman. The laboratory compresses its turnaround times to meet delivery dates...

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  • Glidewell Laboratories: Unbelievable Perks

    Headquartered in Newport Beach

    Owner: Jim Glidewell, CDT

    2,375 employees at four locations

    Working at Glidewell is like being part of an exclusive club: technicians get members-only, no- and low-cost benefits they wouldn’t have access to anywhere else.

    Case in point: Health and wellness is a priority and, in 2012, Glidewell opened the GlideWELLness Center located on its campus in Irvine, CA. The center includes an 4,100-sq-ft gym with cardio equipment, weights, fitness classes and a meditation room; a private, walk-in health clinic that offers reduced co-payments; and massage therapy where...

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  • R-Dent Dental Laboratory: Boosting Motivation and Morale with Incentives and Recognition

    Bartlett, TN

    Owners: Randy & Daxton Grubb

    42 employees

    When Daxton Grubb joined his father Randy’s laboratory in 2002 after working at a Fortune 500 company, he had already learned a thing or two about employee motivation. “The company set unrealistic goals and only managers were rewarded for good performance. I was determined not to make the same mistake here,” says Grubb.

    While 20 to 30% of R-Dent’s managers’ compensation is based on their department’s net profit, Daxton also has sales and incentive programs for all employees. First, there are monthly incentives:...

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  • Town and Country Dental Studios: 'I Come to Work with a Smile on My Face'

    Freeport, NY

    Owners: Barry Lampert, CDT; David Lampert, MBA; Steven Lampert

    100 employees

    “From his early days as a lab owner, Barry Lampert, CDT, trained and nurtured his staff in a way that is quite unique. He respects his technicians and believes they are his greatest asset. The fact that the majority of employees have been here for decades—some for over 40 years—is testament to his commitment to them.

    The second generation of Lamperts—namely Barry’s sons, David and Steven—have brought a new level of integrity, compassion and insight into business development....

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  • Murray Kaizer Dental Lab: You're Part of the Family

    Farmington, CT

    Owner: Jerry Kaizer

    26 employees

    While some labs tout a fancy facility or robust benefits package, there’s one thing Murray Kaizer Dental Laboratory has that others simply can’t match: Owner Jerry Kaizer.

    “Jerry is half parent, half boss,” says Sabrina Janco, a Sales Representative at the lab who’s known Kaizer since 1977. “He looks out for the best interest of the company as well as his ‘kids,’ striving to teach us how not only to be great technicians and employees, but good people.” Considered a father figure by many, Kaizer—who...

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  • Twin City Dental Lab: the Team That Builds Together, Stays Together

    Lewiston, ME

    Owner: Michael Adkins

    16 employees

    The team members at Twin City Dental Lab in Lewiston, ME, are so tight, they worked together to build their own laboratory.

    Prior to 2003, the lab was housed in the basement of a professional building and while the space offered some unique features—for instance, an old bank vault served as the lunch room—employees dealt with poor lighting and cramped conditions. So in 2003, Owner Michael Adkins purchased land and broke ground for a new laboratory.

    Devoting nights and weekends to the project, the 16 employees—along with spouses and...

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  • BonaDent Dental Laboratories: Covering all the Bases for Work-Life Balance

    Headquartered in Seneca Falls, NY

    Owner:  Bruce Bonafiglia, CDT

    200 employees  across three locations

    Striking a work-life balance is a constant challenge for many of us. How can I squeeze in a workout? Who will watch the kids? When will I fit in a haircut or get the laundry done? And what’s for dinner tonight? If you work at BonaDent, all of those answers can be found within the four walls of its new, state-of-the-art facility in Seneca Falls, NY.

    BonaDent’s unique amenities truly make employees feel valued and taken care of: the in-house fitness center, onsite daycare, comprehensive...

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  • LK Dental Studio: Nurturing Greatness

    San Ramon, CA

    President: Laura Kelly, AAACD

    17 employees

    Laura Kelly, President of LK Dental Studio in San Ramon, CA, is a member of an elite group and wants her technicians to join her. One of the only 42 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)-accredited technicians in the world and former President of the organization, she strongly encourages her 12 technicians to further their education and become involved in the AACD, the largest international organization of dentists, technicians, auxiliaries and educators dedicated specifically to cosmetic dentistry. 

    Two of her employees are...

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  • Albensi Laboratories: Voted One of the Top Workplaces in Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Owner: Don Albensi, Sr.

    94 Employees

    When Albensi Laboratories says its employees receive a Total Rewards Program, it means total. Along with paying 100% of the staffs’ medical, vision and dental coverage, the lab also provides flexible working hours, life insurance, a 401(k) program with matching and access to a financial advisor. The laboratory even offers a 12-week Fit Camp—including aerobic classes, strength training and advice on healthy eating—twice a year and pays 50% of the cost for each employee.

    Benefits like these are what led the staff to vote the...

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  • Dickerman Dental Prosthetics: Challenges Keep Technicians Motivated, Loyal

    Sharon, MA

    Owners:   Ira Dickerman, CDT, and Myron Dickerman, CDT

    26 Employees

    Once a technician starts working at Dickerman Dental Prosthetics, he has a tendency to stick around. Of the lab’s 26 employees, 62% have worked at the lab for at least 10 years and another 23% have been with the lab for over 30. “Working together for so long has created a strong bond between employees and an atmosphere where the days at the lab are as valuable as days off,” says Jim Pollina, C&B Manager and Dickerman employee since 1977.

    So how does this third-generation family operation...

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  • Robertson Dental Lab: Aspiring CDTs Don't Go It Alone

    Lompoc, CA

    Owner: Mike Robertson, CDT

    50 Employees

    At Robertson Dental Lab, aspiring CDTs don’t need to take the journey alone. Eight months ago, inspired by technician Karlena Schutz, General Manager Tom Love created a CDT Study Club that meets once a week after the lab closes to help the eight technician-members learn from one another. The lab provides the study materials—including a visual dictionary from PTC and chapters from the Air Force manual—and each week the members take turns choosing a topic, leading the discussion and quizzing others on their grasp of the information....

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  • Northwest Dental Arts: Lab with a View in the Pacific Northwest

    Issaquah, WA

    Owner: Ron Humphrey

    8 Employees

    It’s a crisp winter day and the sun is shining on Cougar Mountain in Issaquah, WA…just another day of spectacular views for the staff at Northwest Dental Arts. The second-floor boutique lab features an open floor plan with huge windows on all sides. All eight employees have a view of Cougar Mountain including the deer, bobcats and many varieties of birds that live there, as well as Poo Poo Point, a popular take-off spot for hang gliders. Technicians sit at custom maple workbenches designed by Owner Ron Humphrey and a contractor, and clear...

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  • Summit Dental Lab: Focus on Character Enhances Work Environment

    Waco, TX

    Owners:  Hal and Glenda Jones

    36 Employees

    “Hal and Glenda Jones are exceptional people first, exceptional employers second. I’ve been working here for 13 years and their genuine care for their employees shows throughout the company,” says Mikki Davis, Ceramist at Waco, TX-based Summit Dental Lab, echoing the resounding sentiment of the employees, a third of whom have worked there for a decade or more.

    The Joneses believe that each employee’s character determines his ability to contribute positively to the team as a whole and enhances the quality of its products...

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  • New Image Dental Laboratory: 'I Couldn't Ask for More'

    Atlanta, GA

    Owner: Jeff Paulen

    52 employees

    “When I think ofall the reasons why New Image Dental Laboratory is a great place to work, it comes down to the Owner, Jeff Paulen, and his family. The Paulens are committed to helping us be the best we can be in our industry. They help us improve our skills by paying for all of our training at both on- and off-site courses and always make sure we have whatever we need to do our jobs in a healthy, clean, safe and secure environment, whether it’s new equipment, additional training or hiring staff. Working at New Image has enriched my life. And...

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  • H&O Dental Lab: Open Communication a Priority

    Manchester, NH

    Owner: National Dentex; Lab President: Lynn Jenkins

    108 employees

    “H&O Dental Lab valuescomplete honesty and trust; open, two-way communication; mutual respect; individual accountability; and total commitment. Management always acknowledges team member accomplishments such as first, fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th anniversaries; perfect attendance; and achieving CDT certification. We also have monthly themed events for various holidays and traditions.

    To ensure open communication, we have morning huddles, a 15-minute meeting during which each section leader discusses the...

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  • Tintrup Dental Lab: Taking Care of its Own

    Mount Vernon, NY

    Owner: Andrea Tintrup

    15 employees

    When Frank Tintrup, Jr., Owner of family-owned Tintrup Dental Lab in Mount Vernon, NY, passed away at the end of 2000 from pancreatic cancer, no one expected his wife Andrea Tintrup to step up the way she did. Without any previous laboratory experience, she walked into the lab in January 2001, called a staff meeting and ensured the staff that she was going to work her hardest to make sure everyone kept their jobs and could cash their paychecks every Friday. She has been keeping that promise for the last 14 years.

    Despite her personal tragedy and...

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  • Artistic Dental Studio: Rewarding Hard Work

    Bolingbrook, IL

    Owner: Jerry Ulaszek

    85 Employees

    Twice a year, no matter what, Artistic Dental Studio in Bolingbrook shuts down for the day to celebrate its staff. While the first order of business is to share news and updates such as OSHA standards or HR information, after that, it’s time for some post-meeting fun. Past events have included a trip to a go-cart track, a bowling alley (featured above), a cruise down the Chicago River or simply game day at the lab. Breakfast and lunch is served and each employee receives a gift card for gas, food or a restaurant. “The functions reward...

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  • Ottawa Dental Laboratory: Award-Winning Healthy Workplace

    Headquartered in Ottawa, IL

    Owners: Luke Caruso Sr., Luke Caruso Jr. and Jim Caruso

    130 employees across three locations

    If you’re at an industry meeting and meet a group of people with blinking lights on their shoes, chances are they work at Ottawa Dental Laboratory (ODL).

    That blinking light would be an Actiped pedometer, a component of the laboratory’s comprehensive wellness program, which earned ODL recognition as one of the 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America for 2014, as well as the Healthiest Employer in Illinois for 2012 and 2013.

    In 2004—after a string of double-digit...

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  • Image Gallery: Goes to Great Heights for Team-Building

    Dublin, OH

    Owner:  Lonni Thompson, CDT

    7 Employees

    More and more thrill seekers are getting into the zipline craze, flying high over forests, zoos and parks around the country. Touted for the adrenaline rush, this outdoor adventure experience has also proven to be a valuable team-building experience for Image Gallery in Dublin, OH.

    Two years ago, Owner Lonni Thompson took her employees ziplining, a first for everyone on staff. “We encouraged each other—some of us were scared of heights—so as we walked across ‘sky bridges,’ we talked and laughed away our fears,”...

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  • Excel Studios: Joined Together by a Commitment to Service

    Chatsworth, CA

    Owner: Dr. James Hartzel, CDT, and Edwin Fajardo

    35 Employees

    “One day, we knew we weren’t going to make the shipping deadline for a case for one of our larger  accounts on the East Coast. But we also knew we weren’t going to let that client down. The case was finished at 8:00pm and I was at the airport within an hour; 12 hours, four flights, two cab rides and a bunch of protein bars later, I was delivering that case to the dental office as the patient was walking in.

    To me, my travel experience speaks volumes about the culture of this laboratory: we will always...

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  • Gardali Crown & Bridge: 'I'm Still Excited to Go to Work'

    Utica, NY

    Owner: Curt Gardali

    17 employees

    “I’ve been at this lab for eight years and am still excited to get up and go to work to try and make a difference in our patients’ lives. As an artist, it has been a great place for me to develop my skills and knowledge. The owner of the lab, Curt Gardali, is one of the most inspiring people I have had the honor to apprentice with. His knowledge in the field of dental technology continues to humble me.

    We have employees who have been with us for over 50 years and still love coming to work. Our laboratory is very modern, clean, and comfortable...

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  • Kuwata Pan Dent: ISO Certification Puts Staff on Same Page

    Cedar Knolls, NJ

    Owners: Yukio Otsubo, President; Yoshinobu Umeda, Vice President; and Ikuzo Enoki, Production Manager

    41 employees

    In January 2000, Kuwata Pan Dent, founded by Masahiro Kuwata, became one of the first laboratories in the U.S. to achieve ISO 9001 certification, verifying that it has established and thoroughly documented a quality management system; the lab has been recertified four times since 2000. 

    Not only does ISO certification ensure consistent quality products and services, for its staff members it means responsibilities and accountability are well defined, there’s...

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  • Custom Arts Dental Lab, LLC: Right at Home

    Shreveport, LA

    Owner: Benjamin Hart

    27 employees

    A 50” HD TV. Ping-Pong tables. Sony PlayStation. Workout equipment. These are just a few of the amenities with which Owner Benjamin Hart has equipped the third-floor of Custom Arts Dental Lab.

    Designed as a recreational area for employees, the upstairs also includes a full kitchen, laundry area, and adjoining deck with patio furniture and large gas grill. After all, Hart believes his staff is his family, and when a family gets together, it should always feel right at home.

    Hart’s efforts, though, aren’t restricted to the third floor....

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  • Knight Dental Group: Employees are a 'Precious Resource'

    Oldsmar, FL

    Owner: Warren Rogers

    87 employees

    Knight Dental Group considers its employees so valuable, they’re included in the company’s mission statement: “Our employees are one of our most precious resources; we will treat them with respect and provide a state-of-the-art facility with continuing education and a quality-centered environment.”

    True to its word, the lab provides the latest equipment and materials in its sparkling, 23,000-sq-ft facility as well as top-notch training. In addition to bringing speakers in house eight times a year, managers create individualized...

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  • DSG Davis Laboratory: Happy Workers are Productive Workers

    Wyoming, MI

    Owner: Dental Services Group; Area Vice President: Kim Jones

    Employees: 150

    Twice named one of West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, DSG Davis has found numerous ways to create a work environment where employees feel excited about coming to work each day. “Even though we’re owned by a corporation, Dental Services Group, management has maintained a family-like atmosphere,” says Dan Smith, CDT, Crown and Bridge Supervisor.

    For example, the lab promotes work-life balance by allowing employees, when feasible, to set their own start time...

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