• April 2011
  • You Can't Hug the Past

    As the dental industry moves toward increasing automation, the shift may be uncomfortable with painful adjustments for technicians and dentists alike. But those who don't get comfortable with automated fabrication may have a difficult time remaining competitive in the future. Their choice may become: adapt or retire. I see three major trends in the next five to 10 years:

    Automated laboratory fabrication methods will take over and manual fabrication methods and use of impression materials will fall by the wayside. But as automated technologies increase, both dentists and technicians will still need to know the principles of dental restoration design and properties of the materials they use in order to achieve reliable longevity of their work.

    Automated clinical fabrication techniques will improve to the point where they become commonplace, especially for single-unit restorations. Right now CEREC and Evolution 4D have this market, but other players will come forth too. It's important...

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