• August 2013
  • U.S. Lab Owner a Winner in Candulor's 'Art of Denture' Competition

    Since 2001, Candulor has been celebrating the work of highly skilled denture technicians through its "Art of Denture" (KunstZahnWerk®) competition at the IDS in Cologne, Germany. This year's competition invited technicians all over the world to engineer and fabricate an upper denture and an opposing lower denture supported with four implants. The final cases were then judged by a panel of denture experts.

    Below, Jack Edwards, BA, CDT, MDT, TF, Owner of Jack Edwards Dental Studio in Anaheim, CA, shares the case he fabricated for the 2013 competition, which won third place for Best Digital Documentation. (To watch the digital documentation video, click here:


    Note: The video is a large mp4 file and may take several moments to download.

    For information or to register for Candulor's 2014 North American "Art of Denture" Competition, click here: http://bit.ly/1ev6Jq5

    Jack Edwards, MDT
    August 6, 2013

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  • April 2012
  • And the Winners in Candulor's 'Oscars' Are...

    Calling it the "Oscars for denture technicians," Candulor announced the winners of its first-ever North American Kunstzahnwerk (Art of Denture) Competition at LAB DAY. The technician-participants displayed their proficiency in removables by fabricating a fully removable upper and lower bar-retained overdenture.

    Taking first prize and winning $1,000 is Arian Deutsch, Deutsch Dental Arts, Surprise, AZ; second place and $750 went to Jonathan Trotter, Choate Ceramic Lab, Conroe, TX; and in third place is Andrea Hegedus, Great Lakes Smile Design Studio, Muskegon, MI, who wins $500. All three cases are now entered into Candulor's International KunstZahnWerk competition, which it has held since 2001, with winners announced at the 2013 IDS in Cologne, Germany.

    Winners in other categories are:

    Jack Edwards, Jack Edwards Dental Studio, Fullerton, CA; Andrea Hegedus; and Choate Ceramic Lab for Best Digital Documentation.

    Joe Minuk, Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, Manitoba, Canada...

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