• February
  • How to Reignite Your Passion and Purpose for Technology

    So many of you are driven by your love for the technology itself that I thought I’d add in my two cents about The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies [minimally invasive, full-mouth rejuvenation dentistry].

    Ever since my niece was diagnosed with a Lyme disease-created TMJ disorder—and successfully repaired by Mark Piper, DDS, in St. Petersburg, FL—I’ve had a special, albeit layperson’s, interest in occlusion. So I jumped at the invitation from Lab Owners Curt Mortgese and Center Co-Founder Dan O’Rourke to attend an introductory course on Rejuvenation Dentistry last month.

    Attendees could not have been more passionate perfectionists, eager to be mentored, corrected and educated about ways the dentist-dental technician team can bring life-changing relief and wellness to patients suffering from a myriad of facial issues or discomfort. There were no egos at the Center and that, alone, created an incredible learning environment and enriching experience.


    Judy Fishman
    February 17, 2015

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  • Rejuvenation Dentistry: Teamwork to Treat the Cause, Not the Effect

    Rejuvenation dentistry is an approach based on a model of health that considers not only a patient’s teeth but the entire masticatory system, including jaw joints, nerves and head and neck muscles, and maintains that problems occur when these components aren’t working in biological harmony.

    Maribeth Marsico
    February 17, 2015

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  • June 2013
  • Support Staff

    This year, the hour hand of the clock seemed to move like the minute hand and suddenly we were at LAB DAY West. It’s the show that marks the end of show season and the show that used to be regional but this year drew attendees from 24 states and nine countries!

    Though each of our shows has its own compelling personality, we love that our last one has that unmistakable, laid-back California vibe. The exhibit hall was flooded from early morning on; attendees came early, stayed all day and visited a lot giving us a chance to catch up with the very many friends we’ve made over the last several decades.

    In California, like Chicago and New York, conversations buzzed about the upswing in caseloads that seems to have begun in January, digital technology, 3D printing (and all its implications) and the new zirconia-reinforced fabrication materials.

    But there was another hot topic, this one about my “support staff”: the dogs in the photo on this page! It seems they’re...

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  • August 2012
  • Who Says You Can't Do It All?

    How about a round of applause for one- to three-person laboratory owners? With almost another decade to go before many of these operators feel "the calling" to retire, they are still very much engaged in the here and now and are clearly living the well-disciplined, well-balanced life. Bravo.

    The results of LMT's comprehensive Small Lab Survey give us the opportunity to celebrate some of the reasons you are all so deeply engaged in this field in the first place, highest among them: a shared passion for replicating natural dentition.

    When the first huge batch of completed surveys came through—both online and via the mail—the editorial department eagerly dove right in to get an early read on how you are faring and what you are thinking. We believe this report will help dispel any misconceptions about very small and/or home-based laboratories as a group.

    Our pairing of this survey with the latest CAD/CAM product and technology news is no coincidence. While everyone understands...

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  • April 2011
  • Bioesthetic Niche Reinvigorates Small Lab

    How one laboratory owner’s passion for bioesthetic dentistry transformed his business.

    Dan O'Rourke, CDT
    April 28, 2011

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