• April
  • Datron Introduces D5 FIT package

    Datron Dynamics’ new FIT (Fully Integrated Technology) program is an all-inclusive CAD/CAM package that helps laboratories hit the ground running when investing in new technology.  Datron installs a turn-key production center for screw-retained and fixed restorations in your laboratory and a fixed monthly payment over five years helps forecast all associated costs for a predictable ROI.

    In addition to a five-year lease on the Datron D5 mill and scan system, the FIT package also includes hyperDENT CAM software with a CAM-specific PC, Datron milling templates and implant libraries, and five years of license renewals; preparation of your facility, including a power transformer and compressor; initial and follow-up on-site training; five years of preventative maintenance (an annual two-day visit from Datron), a remanufactured spindle and replacement of typical wear items; and a starter set of consumables including titanium and CoCr blanks, milling tools, and implant components (250...

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  • April 2014
  • Datron Launches New Entry-Level D5 Mill

    Datron has launched a new entry-level D5 dental mill that offers a manual puck change and costs about $50,000 less than their standard D5 model. “The unit is ideal for labs that mill mainly titanium products, but don’t require automatic puck changes,” said Robert Murphy, Vice President, noting that the entry-level D5 mill can be upgraded to include the automated puck changer if the lab’s needs change in the future.

    The company also showcased its new 5-axis D5 LS milling machine that is equipped with Heindenhain linear scales for applications that demand the utmost accuracy, including large-span titanium and chrome cobalt implant parts. Due to its increased thermal stability, it provides consistent quality, even when there are significant ambient temperature fluctuations. With a repeatability of < 2 μm and an absolute accuracy of ± 5 μm, the D5 LS is the ideal machine for labs and milling centers wishing to produce screwed-retained indications such...

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  • May 2013
  • Digital Manufacturing Equipment

    The proliferation of digital technologies continued to flourish at the IDS, with more and more digital manufacturing solutions that enable users to address a greater number of applications and work with a larger range of materials. In addition, the 3D printing market continues to expand.

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  • November 2012
  • NewsWatch: Datron Dynamics Partners With Exocad, Imetric and Sescoi to Provide Turnkey CAD/CAM Solution

    Open system providers Datron Dynamics, exocad, Imetric and Sescoi have formed a partnership to provide a comprehensive, turnkey CAD/CAM solution, including the Imetric scanner line, exocad design software, WorkNC® CAM software and the Datron D5 milling machine. The solution can be used for all C&B restorations but, because of its precision, is especially touted for fabricating custom abutments and implant bars.

    "Our partnership offers the best of both worlds. It provides the reliability and security of a closed system with the integration and flexibility of an open system," said Neal Demazure, Account Manager, Datron Dynamics, addressing attendees at the partners' first Dental CAD/CAM Technology Course on October 19 at Datron Dynamics' headquarters in Milford, NH.

    During the day-long seminar, representatives from each company explained their product while Datron's Jordan Greenberg, Dental CAD/CAM Specialist, offered a hands-on demonstration, giving attendees the opportunity to...

    Kelly Fessel Carr
    November 15, 2012

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