Why Dentists Switch Laboratories

By Kelly Fessel Carr

Posted Feb 01, 2013 in LMT Surveys

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  • Len Liptak · President at MicroDental Laboratories

    Hi Kelly, nice article. Thank you. This type of information is helpful. Can you confirm the sample size for this survey?

  • Gregory Smith · Owner/Operation Manager at Sierra Dental Arts

    Thanks Kelly for just reiterating what I already thought was true. Well written article and very interesting I must say about the outsourcing figures, good to see its still very low with hopes to keep our business within the borders. God Bless

  • Mike Jankovic · Owner at Jankovic Dental Ceramics

    And if i'm wrong why is out sourcing so big in china

  • Mike Jankovic · Owner at Jankovic Dental Ceramics

    That article is the biggest false around the reason why they change is price most would not know quality if it hit them in the face. Dentist are the cheapest people around with no character. They must be taught that in dental school which is another joke most do not deserve there diploma's

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