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  • Jensen Dental Holds Fun Giveaway of New Products

    If you saw LMT LAB DAY attendees walking around with stickers on their lapels, they were likely competing in Jensen Dental’s new product giveaways. Once an hour, an attendee wearing an Imagine™ sticker was randomly stopped and awarded a can of Jensen’s InSync universal spray glaze, the newest member of the InSync Paste Stain and Glaze product line. It offers a quick application process that allows more units to be completed with less labor, and also eliminates a firing cycle since it’s sprayed directly over set surface stains. The thin, uniform coat preserves surface detail and occlusal anatomy and provides a smooth, glossy, streak-free surface texture after firing that enhances natural esthetics. The glaze can be used on zirconia, lithium disilicate, metal ceramic and titanium restorations.

    Two sticker-wearing LAB DAY attendees were also chosen to receive Jensen’s new Imagine Veneering Ceramic Kit, which includes 20 powders, a glaze paste and three liquids...

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  • Jensen Dental Rebrands Its Digital Solution

    Jensen Dental announced the rebranding of its Jensen Digital Solution as the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution, a complete system of materials, CAD/CAM equipment, software, education and support that allows laboratories of all sizes to produce consistent results and transition to digital processes.

    All Preciso equipment—including the Preciso S200 Scanner, the Preciso M200 Mill and Preciso M500 Mill—is 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ materials-approved and validated to work with the latest materials from 3M ESPE, including Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia and Lava Ultimate Restorative as well as Jensen's own line of lab-branded consumables. Jensen also released the Preciso CAD and Preciso CAM software, offering design and milling functionality with streamlined workflows.

    In addition, the company launched the InSync FC system specifically designed for staining and glazing Lava Plus and Jensen HT Zirconia full contour restorations. It offers high light transmittance;...

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  • Jensen Education Day Offers Easy-to-Implement Tips

    Nearly 200 laboratory owners, managers and technicians filled Jensen Dental’s Education Day lecture hall at the Swissôtel in Chicago on February 26 and an additional 200 attendees joined remotely via the streaming live webcast. Now in its 22nd year, attendees saw a stellar lineup including Peter Pizzi, MDT; Don Cornell; Dr. Brian Vence; Steve Anderson; Naoki Aiba, CDT; Adam Mieleszko, MDT; Jungo Endo, RDT; Daniele Capoferri, CDT; Luke Hasegawa, CDT; Skip Carpenter, CDT; and Thomas Sing, MDT.

    Presenters explained the “how’s and why’s” behind techniques that technicians can use every day to grow their technical, artistic and business know-how and were on hand to answer attendees’ questions. In addition, clinicians held focused two-hour “master class” workshops during which they shared full contour zirconia customizing tips, esthetic techniques, zirconia layering strategies, photography and shade-taking insight and much more.

    To learn...

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  • JUVORA™ Dental Disc Makes U.S. Debut

    PEEK—poly-ether-ether-ke-tone—was the talk of the IDS in Cologne last year; now, it’s come to the U.S. in the form of the JUVORA Dental Disc made from PEEK sourced directly and exclusively from Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, a global leader of PEEK biomaterials. Available from JUVORA Inc., the disc received FDA clearance for milling frameworks for complete and partial removable dentures and implant overdentures earlier this year.

    “PEEK has had some use historically in dental applications such as abutments and healing caps. However, now with the JUVORA Dental Disc, dental professionals in the U.S. have the ability to use CAD/CAM technology for precision designing PEEK frameworks for removable prostheses,” explained Nicole Czechowski, Business Development Manager, JUVORA Dental Innovations.

    The JUVORA Dental Disc is lightweight, biocompatible, radiolucent, highly wear and abrasion resistant, and has elastic properties similar to that of human bone. JUVORA’s...

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