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About This Clinic

As CAD/CAM technology continues to grow, basic knowledge must continue to be incorporated within these newer techniques. Occlusion is still the most important aspect of dentistry and technicians must understand its functional parameters while incorporating them into their technical processes. Peter Pizzi,...

We're Amann Girrbach America, the U.S. division of Amann Girrbach AG, a company with a combined 100-year...See more

LAB DAY West 2014

May 16-17, 2014 · Garden Grove, CA

LAB DAY West is the largest lab trade show on the west coast. Crowded with busy shoppers and buzzing...See more

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The Essence of Collaboration

"Being in the foxhole together is not just a partnership; it's the essence of collaboration. For it to work, dentists and technicians must truly understand each other's challenges and goals. That's when you see the best possible results and the most satisfied patients." – Terry Fohey, CDT

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