• Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Beware host providers that offer web design.

    While it's great to have all of your web info and tools in the one place, web host providers can provide easy to design websites with very little SEO meaning you won't score very highly in a search engine. Website design applications like wordpress or joomla are an example of website builders that account for the design and SEO for a young site.

    When assessing what SEO components your site should contain remember these 3 things, it should have:

    1. A search term in the of the page
    2. Your address or a reference to your geographical area like a suburb...See more

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    If you're brave enough....

    As we get to the December month of increased demand due to seasonal holidays and the insurance deadline date it's a great test on the systems in the lab for managing customer contact and most importantly production. But after December ends and we can all look up from the bench again, I'd like to set up a 'case study'. If one of you out there has a website or is starting a website and doesn't think they're getting the results they want, let Weekly Web Tips use it as an example for all of us to work on!

    You will receive feedback from peers, use all the Weekly Web Tips...See more

  • Computerization in dental labs
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    The more I talk to lab owners the more I realize how the weekly web tips are addressing a very acute portion of the dental lab owner population. So this week will be focused on the earlier process of computerizing the lab and the pros and cons.

    Let me start with the glass being half empty approach and talk about the cons:
    Change, that big scary thing that keeps business owners firmly fixed in their traditional systems.
    Initial set up cost, comes with every change
    Learning a new system, which can be the deterrent for most.
    Computers break down and when they do everything is gone and it can bring...See more

  • Integrating Social Media

    So we all see the little social media icons in the footer or the side bar of other websites, but what do they mean and what are the benefits? The most common is the Facebook blue "F", but there are some sites that have social media buttons that span the entire web page!

    Whatever social media you use should be the platforms you integrate with your website. Do not just add social media buttons because you want to seem up to date with all the different types. Stick to the social media you use and promote social interaction with your traffic. If you have a twitter account and don't use it, someone...See more — tagged Elizabeth Curran and Social Media

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    Your checklist for optimizing search terms:

    We have covered this topic in some of the earlier posts but I thought I would touch on it again in a more practical approach. Many dental labs use their websites as a gallery, contact info, introduction to the lab tool and for many they all achieve this goal, put some content on it and some photo's and presto! And for the most part it does suffice when their current dentists forget the lab phone number or need an email address. For all the other dentists in your target market (remember that term it's very important) how are they supposed to find you...See more

  • Webinars - Good, Bad or Indifferent?
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Webinars are a great way to bring your audience together and present a new product or service, perform a training session for people who can't make the meeting or can be tied in with a marketing strategy to attract and qualify new accounts.

    The difficult thing about webinars is getting the crowd to the show. You might have the best presentation prepared but if there's no one to watch, it's a waste of time. There are a number of ways to attract numbers to your webinar and the more general ones I have viewed have been through email marketing. But like always, the dental industry is a personal,...See more

  • I want to get a large presence on the web but I don't have the time.

    There are so many tools you can use to spread across the web and join networks that will build your business presence. But how do we manage all the different platforms for meeting, discussing and educating our potential customers on what our business' are all about?

    Let's tackle the big 4 first:

    A blog - blogs are a more formal way of creating discussion and interest and is usually where your content starts. Once everything is connected you should only ever have to spread content through the web by posting on your blog. To...See more — tagged Social Media

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    Optimizing photos for search engines

    Easy one this week. After the last few posts you should have your web masters/designers running around in circles.

    When human traffic is looking at a website they see all the graphics, pretty colors, calls to action and navigation. For a bot (the search engine tool that searches your site to give it a ranking) the view is completely different; links, titles and alternate names tell the bot what it's looking at because it can't see photos, pictures and graphs.

    One of the easy ways you can tell if you have optimized a graphic on your site is buy 'mousing over'...See more — tagged Rayne Verity

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Heads up. FDA Regulation changes - you could be exposed because of your dental laboratory website.

    Reading through the last post from Bennet Napier and this caught my attention:
    "Also, when you register you are required to provide your website address. FDA has been securing information from websites and apparently has been checking for 510(k)s pre-market approvals on certain devices that are branded by the dental laboratory. If you don’t have a 510(k) on the product, then you shouldn’t show that it treats any type of medical condition, symptom, disease or disorder such as sleep apnea....See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Free dental lab websites VS others
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    For anyone on the Bridge that is considering starting up a website for their lab but don't have the capital to get a custom website built there are a number of options. Each option has another cost, whether it be time or ownership of the website.

    As I can't directly link these sites due to the terms and conditions of The Bridge I will mention the searchable terms that will get you to a selection of providers that you can use to get some info about your lab up on the web with minimal monetary cost.

    The 'free websites' search will bring up a whole host of companies that allow you to design...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Okay Guys, Let's Start the Conversation
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    If possible I would like to query the tech interested to find a sentiment on the electronic case submission.

    There are currently 3 different modes of thought in the dental lab industry in terms of submitting cases over the web and we get a wide variance in feedback. So I open it up to the professionals that are interacting with dentists every day:

    Which mode of thought do you relate to and why?

    Case submission over the web is amazing and we couldn't do this level of production without it. Admin and case entry staff can handle a larger volume. Remakes are lower due to clearer more complete...See more

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Weekly Web Tip: Ever been designing a site or company logo and wondered which colors you should use and what message you send?

    In an industry where everyone could tell me 36 different shades of white I thought I could offer some light info on the psychology behind colors and what they mean for sales and interaction with your clients.

    Follow this link to see a helpful interpretation of how colors affect consumers: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/color-psychology/

    It's something to keep in mind if you are creating/redesigning marketing material. Just a short one this week. Feel free to comment, ask questions etc.

  • Creating the Virtual Training Course

    When BonaDent were at the market test stage of their on-site training they set up a FaceBook page and released the info through a group. They got a really good response but were restricted to the number of attendees due to the geographical distance. I suggested that they also stream it through a webinar and include a virtual audience. The response from the group was surprising with a lot of support from members to attend the training through a webinar.

    It's not as difficult as one might think. For the training/educational session the coordinator needs to prepare the slides and notes for comments...See more — tagged BonaDental Dental Laboratories

  • Weekly Web Tip: Okay, I Have Analytics - Now What?
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    For those that have had their website created and designed for them, some form of analytics would have (or should have) come with the site. Analytics is the tool you use to track the traffic that comes to your site. It can provide you with all sorts of interesting information like:
    Where your visitor is from
    What they typed in to get to your site
    What ISP they use
    What browser they use
    What type of computer they use
    How long were they on your site
    What did they look at and finally,
    When and from what page did they leave.

    Now I won't go into how to measure and compare the data on the...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Timed Web Releases
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    The timed release of information can be very beneficial in terms of the relevant traffic you can get coming to your site. If you have training, a trade show or any event that people/customers will be interested in then releasing the information about said event can boost your traffic and exposure to new customers.

    There are many tools you can use to release the information you need to get to a broad audience. Press releases are a great way to get wide web exposure and are normally time sensitive about a current event. Blogs, though not as wide spread as a press release, are a cheap effective way...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Adding an e-Newsletter
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    There are different ways to get a database of emails together to send out some material at consistent intervals to stay in the front of your dentist's minds. Some generate it slowly over years, some buy the list and some have a sign up option on their website.

    Generating an e-newsletter over the years is a slow but effective process. The dentist is usually prompted for contact information during a face to face and helps you keep your dentists up to date with what’s going on in your lab and means you don't necessarily need a website.

    Buying a list to market to is faster but less effective....See more

  • Weeky Web Tip: Linking with Complementary Products
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    One of the criteria that google assesses the strength of your website is with backlinks. These are links on other web pages that direct people to your site. A backlink can have different weight with the google bot that crawls your site. If you have a link on a page that is only viewed by 5 people a month it will improve you ranking slightly, if you have a link on a page that has 5000 visitors a month it will improve your google ranking much more.

    Some sites use spam to increase their backlinks, that’s why you get those comments on blogs that don’t make any sense and aren’t relevant,...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Implementation of digital prescriptions.
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Dental laboratory websites are used for advertising, exposure, creating new relationships and supporting the relationships already made. If you search any dental laboratory website chances are you will see a digital Rx in the form of a downloadable/printable PDF or a dentist portal to schedule or pre-book a case directly into the labs scheduling software system.

    The digital prescription is convenient for both parties, for the dentist it means that less time is used filling out the form to all the labs specifications and they always know where to find it. For the lab it means that prescriptions...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Attracting the next generation of tech savvy dentists.
    Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Marketing is a strange beast. You could do a mail out to all the dentists in your area and get a couple of phone calls from prospects, you could personally visit all the dentists in your area and introduce yourself and your business and leave a sample/product marketing material, advertise in the paper, cold call etc. Sometimes a new customer will come from just one marketing action, sometimes from a combination. Sometimes you will get an interested prospect straight away, sometimes it may take months for them to show any interest. The only real guarantee to get some peace of mind was to advertise...See more

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Weekly Web Tip: When working on your website you work with a lot of the marketing fundamentals for your business. There are some steps you should take before even thinking about what content to put on your site and what search terms you should target:

    1. Who are your customers/target market - this one is just a general context the obvious answer being dentists (simple I know, stay with me).
    2. Who are your customers REALLY - do you want to target local dentists, national dentists, source internationally. Do you specialize in quality, price, turnaround, service, added education and chair side assistance?
    3....See more

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Weekly Web Tip: The less actions and processes to the user the better. Have you ever wondered why google has the design they use? Huge amounts of money has been spent on research for the way that people interact with information. We see the LMT bridge now with a white background and black text because it has been proven to be the easiest text to read. Keep the design simple and easy to use.

    Another aspect that google uses, that isn't always adopted by websites is keeping the information in a standard browser page. If a user has to scroll through text for 5 minutes to get to what they're looking...See more

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Weekly Web Tip: One of the ways search engines track if a website is 'up-to-date' is by tracking changes. If a website is 7 years old but it hasn't changed any content or structure then it will fall in 'active' status. Blogs are a fantastic way for a website to stay active because the main function is to put up continuous content (activity). If you have a website and have easy access to change content then changes should be made on a regular basis. The more constant the changes the better. It doesn't have to be everyday, but you should aim to change or alter your website every 2 months. Remember...See more

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Weekly Web Tip: The google ranking system is based on age of the site, search terms, relevancy (which is an algorithm that collects your info and similar info into groups) and links. Of these, the easiest parameters to appeal to are the search terms and the links. Reciprocal links is when you have a link of a website and that website also has a link to yours. There is no limit to the number of sites you can link to, but be creative, link to dental associations, study groups, advertisers, videos, social media and blogs. I normally contact a site explaining what it is I do and the similarities between...See more

  • Rayne Verity · CEO at Evident, Inc. (Nimbyx)

    Weekly Web Tip: We all know that search engines check the content on our website to match with a search. But did you know that URL and page title words are ranked higher than content?

    For example lets take www.lmtmag.com. If you were to look at the URL you wouldn't know it was a dental lab specific magazine, but do a google search for dental lab magazine and it will be at #1. In the results that come up you will see LMT Communications | Business Strategies for Dental Laboratory ... its the page title Business Strategies for Dental Laboratory ... that registers with the search engine. Now take...See more

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