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LAB DAY Chicago 2013

Feb 22-23, 2013 · Chicago, IL

Discover products, techniques and services that can enhance your skills, boost your productivity and...See more

David W. Shin

Gardena, CA

Lead tech furnace dept. Marketing & Sales CAD/CAM Dealer: ROLAND-DOF-STRATASYS-3SHAPE High performance...See more

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More than three quarters of respondents to LMT’s 2012 Wage Survey have taken cost-cutting measures that impact their personnel.

47% are freezing pay raises 39% are reducing/eliminating overtime 38% are cutting hours 36% are laying off technicians 25% are reducing/eliminating bonuses 16% are reducing/eliminating health insurance benefits 8% are cutting salaries 7% are instituting forces, unpaid vacations (percentages total more than 100 because respondents could select more than one answer)

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