• February
  • Whip Mix Expands Dental Technology Solutions to Include 3D Printed Models
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Feb 20, 2015

    Dental Technology Solutions, Whip Mix’s digital outsource service has expanded its offerings to include 3D Printed models. The company’s VisiJet Pearlstone material provides a durable model with crisp detail and the appearance of a dental stone model. The material can be ground upon and wax adheres to it. Models are available in Full Arch, Quadrant and Peace of Mind (fit check) configurations in three shades of White, Blue and Ivory. 

    Laboratories accepting digital files may now...

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  • October 2014
  • Don't Worry, it's Freemium!
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Oct 03, 2014

    I attended a conference last week with some colleagues and throughout different presentations, I found myself writing down acronyms and new words and realized that even at the semi-young age of 33, I am old! I'm sure that I use words or phrases from time to time that throw my parents off for a beat,...

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  • August 2014
  • Whip Mix Announces Date for 3rd Annual Survive or Thrive Digital Forum
    Industry News · Whip Mix Corp. · Aug 05, 2014

    Whip Mix is pleased to announce it will be holding the 3rd annual Survive or Thrive Digital Forum on October 2nd and 3rd in Louisville, KY.

    The Digital Forum offers the opportunity for laboratories of all sizes to learn what it takes to transition into a digital-based laboratory and how to grow it while staying profitable. The program will feature well-known presenters, each with a wealth of experience and information.

    Topics will include: transitioning a lab of any size into a digital one,...

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  • June 2014
  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Gradient Temp Discs For Temporary Milled Restorations
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Jun 19, 2014

    New from Whip Mix, Vericore® Gradient Temp Discs for temporary milled restorations. Vericore® Gradient Temp is a multi-layered PMMA material. Natural looking with ideal physical properties and high fluorescence, Vericore® Gradient Temp provides the milling laboratory with the perfect solution for long or short-term provisionals. With many layers and a seamless transition, the resin temporary looks like a beautiful final restoration. Just polish or use a light-cure glaze and the surface...

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  • May 2014
  • Whip Mix Introduces Preppies Plus®
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · May 23, 2014

    Whip Mix Corporation has introduced new Preppies Plus®. Preppies Plus® is a unit dose flour of pumice paste specifically formulated with Chlorhexidine gluconate, a known antimicrobial agent. Used to prep the tooth surface prior to procedures such as restoration cementation; acid etching, sealants and composite restorations. Preppies Plus® contains no fluoride, oils or added flavorings to inhibit bond strength and it’s gluten free. Each jar of Preppies Plus® contains 100 1.3...

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  • Whip Mix Expands CAD/CAM Solutions with the ProJet 1200 3D Printer
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · May 02, 2014

    Whip Mix is excited to announce a new addition to our digital solutions, the ProJet 1200 printer from 3D Systems. This 3D printer is ideal for small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns, like crowns & bridges. Its small bench top design allows you to easily integrate it into your labs existing set-up and it's simple to use. 

    This affordable 3D printer enables you to accelerate your workflow because it prints up to 12 single units/bridges at a time (up to 80 units a day). In addition,...

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  • April 2014
  • Who's Hot 2014
    Industry News · Whip Mix Corp. · Feb 14, 2014

    Whether you're still celebrating a Super Bowl victory or turned your attention back to college basketball, you're involved with your team. I've thrown an extra Ezine at you this month because I wanted to brag about two of my current teammates...


    The Journal of Dental Technology has just recognized...

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  • February 2014
  • Excellence in Education Award
    Industry News · Whip Mix Corp. · Feb 14, 2014

    What do you get when you combine knowledge, patience, humor and dedication? These are just a few words to describe this year's NADL Excellence in Education Award Winner, Craig Pickett, CDT. Our Technical Manager has been involved in dental technology for 36 years, 7 of which have been spent here at Whip...

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  • Whip Mix Now Offers Milled Custom Abutments
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Feb 04, 2014

    Dental Technology Solutions, Whip Mix’s outsource service has expanded its offerings to include Vericore titanium and zirconia custom abutments.  The Vericore Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutments provide the natural esthetics of zirconia with the precision & durability of a titanium interface.  The Vericore Premier Titanium Custom Abutments are polished and engraved with tooth number.  A titanium platform and screw are included with each custom abutment.  Available in 19...

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  • November 2013
  • Whip Mix Introduces Milling Services For Dental Laboratories

    Whip Mix is proud to offer milling services for dental laboratories. Whether laboratories are in need of back-up milling or are building their digital workflow, Whip Mix Milling Services guarantees support when they need it, providing a 3-day turnaround time on all restorations.

    Offering full contour...

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  • Whip Mix Introduces the Infinity ZR Sintering Furnace
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Nov 06, 2013

    The Whip Mix Infinity ZR sintering furnace features the latest technology to give you many years of dependable service. With 30 programs and four stages, the Whip Mix Infinity ZR furnace has been designed to offer the user flexibility and consistently accurate sintering of zirconia materials. The Infinity ZR sintering furnace features Thermal Web Technology, which reflects infrared heat for more even heating, delay start time up to 8 hours and can sinter up to 60 units at a time. Comes complete...

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  • October 2013
  • Avoid Nightmare On Lab Street: Fall Weather & Your Laboratory
    Miscellaneous · Whip Mix Corp. · Oct 15, 2013

    If you live in a city with similar weather patterns to Louisville, KY, you may also be noticing the seasons are a-changing. What's nice is that we can turn off the A/C and open the windows. Turn on a fan during the day when the sun's out and then grab an extra blanket at night when the sun goes down...

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  • June 2013
  • Whip Mix Welcomes Kent Kohli, New Manager of Dental Technology Solutions
    Personnel News · Whip Mix Corp. · Jun 19, 2013

    Whip Mix is excited to welcome Kent Kohli as the new Manager of Dental Technology Solutions. Kent previously owned and operated Contemporary Dental Aesthetics, LLC, a small, high-end boutique dental studio committed to artistic excellence in all phases of fixed oral prosthetics. His specialties are digital...

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  • March 2013
  • Whip Mix Corporation Attends AEEDC & Conducts Hands-on Training in Dubai
    Industry News · Whip Mix Corp. · Mar 05, 2013

    The AEEDC meeting took place in Dubai, Friday February 5-7, 2013. Whip Mix participated with 9m2 at the Prio Trading booth. Piro Trading is the agent for Whip Mix in the Middle East region.

    Following the meeting, Whip Mix Conducted a 2-day sales and hands-on-training for 30 people in 8 different countries...

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  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Milling Discs
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Mar 05, 2013

    Made with strength, beauty and stability, Vericore® milling discs are state-of-the-art milling materials that will satisfy you, your dentists and most importantly, the patient. From highly translucent zirconia for monolithic full contour restorations or substructures, to PMMA burnout materials to wax, Whip Mix offers a wide variety of materials and sizes for multiple applications.

    All Vericore® discs offer a diameter of 98mm and are available with and without collars in a variety of sizes...

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  • September 2011
  • Whip Mix Honors Breast Cancer Awareness With a Pink Articulator
    Miscellaneous · Whip Mix Corp. · Sep 30, 2011

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Whip Mix is offering a PINK Denar® Mark 320 Articulator. This is a limited edition model that is sure to be a collector's item. Whip Mix will be donating a portion of the sales of these special articulators to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research.

    The PINK Denar Mark 320 Articulator has all the same great features as the original model. It's a semi-adjustable articulator with progressive sideshift fixed at 15° and an adjustable...

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