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  • Magnusen Orthodontic Laboratory An Official VITA Certified Shade Lab

    VITA is pleased to announce that Magnusen Orthodontic Laboratory has completed comprehensive shade training in VITA shade management and communication, earning recognition as an official VITA Certified Shade Laboratory. To achieve this designation, Magnusen underwent extensive VITA specific training to increase their shade management proficiency. With this new expertise, Magnusen Orthodontic Lab is able to offer expert advice and case planning support to their customers, while acting as the ultimate resource in shade management and esthetics by minimizing remakes, improving shade accuracy and producing accurate shade communication. Owner Dave Magnusen worked with Vident Inside Sales Representative, Nicole Roman.

    To achieve ideal outcomes, Magnusen Orthodontic Laboratory can utilize VITA's superior shade taking products and materials, including the VITA Easyshade Compact, VITA Classical Shade Guide, VITA 3D-Master Shade Guide, VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master and VITA Linearguide 3D-Master....

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  • Make the Most of Your Scrap: 9 Ways to Maximize Profits

    Got scrap? Given the high prices of gold and today’s economic environment, it’s more important than ever to be savvy about scrap collection and refining. Tony Circelli, the “Professor of Scrap,” offers these tips for maximizing your returns.

    Heraeus Kulzer

    March 23, 2012

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  • Master Ceramist, Inc. Offers Special 25th Anniversary Pricing

    In celebration of its 25th year in business, Master Ceramist, Inc. is offering a 25% discount on current retail prices for its line of ceramic products, including firing pegs, liquids, mediums and accessories until September 25, 2015. The company has also launched a new website,, making it easy to purchase products directly; for instance, the Express Page features the company’s most popular products with a brief description and pricing so you can order them quickly.

    “An advantage to ordering direct is that we have all of our products in stock and we offer technical support and service on our entire line,” says Rick Tobey, Master Ceramist Founder. “You can also order our products from your favorite dealer, some of which may also offer the discounted pricing.” The Inventive Technician In the 1980s, Tobey had his own laboratory, Tobey Ceramics, in Asheville, NC. At that time, silver palladium alloys were becoming increasingly popular but also posed...

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  • Materials and Supplies

    HARRIS DISCOUNT SUPPLY, known for its discounted equipment from over 100 manufacturers, is now offering a wide range of materials and supplies. After recently relocating to the Chicago area, the company inventories thousands of items ready for same-day shipping and houses a full repair shop with mechanical and electrical engineers on staff.

    Harris Discount Supply

    December 28, 2012

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  • Maverick Dental Celebrates 10 Years, Opens New Headquarters

    Owners of Maverick Dental Laboratories, a full-service dental laboratory in

    Monroeville, PA, celebrated the company's 10-year anniversary with the opening of a new headquarters.

    Co-owners Joseph Fey and Larry Albensi decided that to continue the rapid growth of Maverick Dental, the company would need a larger facility to accommodate more employees and additional manufacturing equipment.

    The search led them to a former automotive dealership, which merged the optimal design of office space and industrial-style workspace.

    "With as many as 20 percent of the nation's auto dealerships vacant from the recent recession, the opportunity exists to acquire and convert the properties," explained Mr. Fey. "In our case, the former showroom accommodates all of our sales and customer service functions and the large repair garage, with added windows, works for our micro-manufacturing needs.

    "It was a surprise that a building that once housed an automotive dealership could give us exactly what we...

    LMT Communications, Inc.

    November 26, 2013

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  • Maverick Dental Laboratories is Tickled Pink About Crowns For a Cure

    Maverick Dental Laboratories is launching a "Crowns for a Cure" campaign during the month of October to help raise awareness and find a cure for breast cancer. As part of the campaign, Maverick has turned their marketing and operating materials pink to coincide with the campaign's message. Prescriptions, case boxes, invoices, informative box stuffers and even delivery driver's wardrobes have all transitioned to the familiar campaign color.

    During the month of October, a portion of the proceeds from every case sent to Maverick will be donated to the Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation. Founded in 2005, the foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance to women under 30 living with breast cancer. "Before she died, Kristy envisioned creating an organization to help younger breast cancer patients," says Tom Lasch, Kristy's father and founder of the Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation. "She knew too well how financially cumbersome the disease could become, and the unique challenges...

    J Rastetter

    October 2, 2012

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  • MicroDental Acquires Cosmo Dental Lab

    MicroDental Laboratories has acquired Cosmo Dental Lab to form MicroDental Laboratory Ottawa at Cosmo. Opened in 1980, Cosmo has 29 employees and is co-owned by Blake Murchison, RDT, Dave Wilson and Dan Burns who will stay on in management roles. The new laboratory offers a depth of experience and technical expertise, including technicians with Pankey CR, Misch Institute Implant and LVI Neuromuscular training.

    “Partnering with MicroDental gives us access to the very best of technology and personnel, allowing us to deliver premier yet personalized service to all dentists,” says Wilson. 



    February 3, 2014

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  • MicroDental Laboratories Acquires New York's Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory

    MicroDental Laboratories, a network of dental laboratories committed to helping dentists thrive, announced the acquisition of Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory. With both laboratories sharing a reputation for world-class service and exceptional quality, this partnership strengthens Tetra’s position as one of the leading full-service laboratories in the greater New York Metropolitan area.

    “Tetra fits MicroDental’s vision of helping dentists create exceptional treatment experiences for every patient,” noted Kim Bradshaw, CEO and President of MicroDental Laboratories. “From advanced Cosmetic cases to single unit posterior crowns, from Implant-retained restorations and partials to sleep apnea devices, Tetra is well-positioned to collaborate with dentists and find the solution that best matches their treatment goals.”

    Based in West Babylon, NY, Tetra Laboratory has serviced dentists for over 25 years. Each month, hundreds of dentists trust Tetra Laboratory...

    LMT Communications, Inc.

    January 12, 2015

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  • MicroDental Laboratories Acquires Rock Creek Dental Laboratory

    MicroDental Laboratories, a network of dental laboratories committed to helping dentists thrive, announced the acquisition of Rock Creek Dental Ceramics, Ltd. laboratory in O’Fallon, IL. Effective immediately, Rock Creek will merge with the company’s Donnell Dental Laboratory to form one of the leading laboratories in the greater St. Louis metropolitan region.

    “The acquisition and merger of Rock Creek Dental Ceramics and Donnell creates an excellent platform for future growth,” noted Bill Johnson, CEO of MicroDental Laboratories. “This partnership immediately provides customers of Donnell and Rock Creek labs with access to new restorative products and services such as our MicrO2™ Sleep Apnea Device, ZEUS™ Zirconia Restorations, digitally fabricated dentures, and e.max®P crowns.”

    “We welcome the addition of Rock Creek Dental Ceramics to our team,” commented Bart Donnell, Certified Dental Technician and Lab Manager of Donnell,...


    June 16, 2015

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  • MicroDental Laboratories Announces Leadership Changes

    MicroDental Laboratories’ Kim Bradshaw Passes the Reigns to Bill Johnson as Next Chief Executive Officer.

    MicroDental Laboratories announced the promotion of Bill Johnson to CEO and Len Liptak to President. Earlier this year Kimberly Bradshaw identified that an organizational and leadership change was prudent based on the new needs of the organization and emerging industry trends. After carefully considering her recommendations along with other alternatives, the Board of Directors agreed with Bradshaw’s suggestions and fully supports her passing the reigns to Bill Johnson as Chief Executive and to Len Liptak as President. Both gentlemen served as members of her Executive Team and have been integral to the success of the company.

    “We brought Kim in as CEO because of her track record for designing and executing strategy, implementing systemic approaches to customer service, and her reputation for building strong teams, all of which MicroDental needed in the rapidly changing...


    May 11, 2015

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  • Mid-America Dental Studio Wins Walt Disney World Vacation

    Mid-America Dental Studio of Waterloo, Iowa is the winner of the Walt Disney World* vacation, awarded by DENTSPLY Prosthetics as part of the Summer Sizzln' campaign.

    DENTSPLY Prosthetics

    November 7, 2012

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  • Millions Learn How to Maximize Their Smile With IPS E.max®

    Media Tour and Web Feature Gain National Consumer News Attention

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  • Mills, Burs, Handpieces and Diamonds

    MASTERCUT TOOL CORP., ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of dental burs for more than 25 years, offers a wide variety of performance coatings to meet your needs. New this year: the EuroCut bur series and the TriCut bur. The company also sells laboratory handpieces and lathe carbide burs, both standard and special.

    Mastercut Tool Corp.

    December 28, 2012

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  • Modern Dental USA and Sundance Dental Laboratory Announce the Signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement

    Mike Girard, CEO/President of Modern Dental USA, and Steve Dearien, President/Owner of Sundance Dental Laboratory, Scottsdale, AZ announced this week that the two companies have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

    Modern Dental USA recently announced the opening of its new headquarter facility in Troy, MI. In addition, in April 2014, Modern opened a state-of-the-art, high-tech, 20,000-square-foot digital processing center at the same location. Its parent company, Modern Dental Laboratory Ltd., is the largest dental laboratory group in the world, holding a leading market position throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Sundance Dental Laboratory has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading dental laboratories in Scottsdale, AZ.

    "We are very pleased to have Sundance join our group. We will continue to invest heavily in North America to expand our network of local neighborhood dental centers, committed to quality, value, and amazing customer support for dentists and their patients...

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  • Multiple New Nobel Biocare Solutions Launched at EAO Congress

    The 22nd annual meeting of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO), October 17-19, 2013, served as the platform for Nobel Biocare to launch several new innovative solutions, each focused on improving patient treatment outcomes while increasing efficiency for both clinicians and laboratories.

    At the Convention Center Dublin, Ireland, Nobel Biocare showcased products and services which further highlight the company's commitment to leading innovation. All of the solutions presented will play important roles in Nobel Biocare's upcoming new seamless and fully integrated digital treatment workflow.

    New NobelProcera® 2G System gives laboratories the opportunity to build their business

    Reducing the time required for scanning by up to 50%, and with no compromise on precision, the new NobelProcera 2G System now offers dental labs multiple benefits at a level that can help them to grow their business.

    From single teeth to complex edentulous cases, the NobelProcera 2G System's...

    LMT Communications, Inc.

    November 6, 2013

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  • MW Dental Newsletter Fall 2014

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  • MW Dental Newsletter Spring 2015

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