• Jim Erb, CDT · Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Hello all you Bridgers!
    We are only 9 days away from a very exciting 1 and 1/2 days of education, new product information and industry fellowship. I have been coming to this meeting from the beginning and for one am really looking forward to this years meeting. Take a look at your February issue of LMT to get all of the information for the clinics being presented and the exhibitors who will be there to show you what's new and answer your questions. Just as a reminder, I wil be presenting two "Free" seminars on Saturday, February 22, 2013 from 7:30am - 8:30 am or 8:30 am - 9:30am. The subject...See more

  • Jim Erb, CDT · Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Happy Holidays!
    Just two months until Lab Day Chicago 2014. Check out the Nov/Dec issue of LMT to see what is being offered for your educational benefit. In the January ssue you will see more details of the programs and their scheduled times. Just a reminder, if you are not providing CAD CAM and Custom Abutment Implants to your dentists, stop by my seminar on Saturday, February 22, 2013 from 7:30am - 8:30 am or 8:30 am - 9:30am. The subject is "Evolution of Outsourcing: CAD/CAM, Custom Abutments - How does this fit into your business model"? It is getting more difficult to gain new accounts...See more

  • We had Sirona in lab rap in our lab lest Wednesday. We loved what we heard but not sure if we would make right choice by just going w them or shopping other system. What we like the most is that we would be able to do all staps ourselves from reciving files (just from cerec-ussers since they are closed system according to the rep) scanning conventional impressions /models (but not be able to send files to other labs-outsourcing labs in case there is a need except Infinident) and milling which we now outsource to other lab but we would also have to think about sintering oven which is another investment...See more

  • Jim Erb, CDT · Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Hello everyone. Just a short note to let you know I will be presenting a 1-hour scientific CDT credit program at the 2014 LMT Lab Day Chicago in Hospitality Suite 936 on Saturday, February 22, 2013 from 7:30am - 8:30 am 8:30 am - 9:30am. The subject is "Evolution of Outsourcing: CAD/CAM, Custom Abutments - How does this fit into your business model"? Come join us for this exciting update on CAD, Custom Abutments and other evolutions in our fast moving industry. Hope to see you there!!!

  • Florentino Barron, CDT · Owner/President at Barron's Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Does anyone know of a facility that is processing partial frames using a scanner and outsourcing the printing of the wax patterns? I am considering purchase and would like to know more about the ins and outs, logistics, etc. Please respond. Thanks, Joe BarronCDT

    The ROI Factor
    Bob Cohen, CDT · Jun 06, 2012

    Hi, Being a reseller of CAD CAM equipment we have found it to be very interesting that many decision makers in dental labs want help figuring out if it's the right time to buy. From a business perspective it's all about return on investment (ROI). So, for the sake of this exercise let's look at the...

  • Hi guys. I am tired of shipping out my models to milling centers and waiting for them to return, only to find out the margins are poor. I want to have the luxury of at least a digital scanner to make my zirconia turnaround faster, but I'm worried about the cost versus profitablity.

    There are a couple of issues I'm dealing with: If I were to purchase a scanner, I would definitely seek out more clients who prescribe zirconia, but I wonder if it's better to try and acquire those clients first. My biggest fear is not meeting the required turnaround times without a scanner first. Common sense...See more — tagged 3 topicsOutsourcing

  • I do not do any Outsourcing or importing to any other country outside the USA. I get my work done here by local dental labs or shipped to California. Where I know they are not sending the work overseas.
    Why would I have to register with the FDA. if all my product and procedures are done here are done by local dental labs helping me out doing RPD's and Flexi Valplast Partials ?
    99% of my product is produced and finished in house by me exclusively. as in crowns. Yet 10 % of my crowns are now made on a computer and sent off via a digital file. 2 Days later I have a great fitting substructure...See more — tagged 3 topicsExcise Tax
    Medical Device

  • Tija, thanks for taking the time to speak your mind. Clearly, we know this is a highly emotional issue and one that many others in our community have strong opinions about.

    As a staff, we had a lot of discussion about what our role, obligation and policy regarding the acceptance of advertising from offshore laboratories should be. We concluded that:

    a) We live in a global economy and our obligation is not to take a public pro or con stance toward offshore outsourcing.

    b) Our responsibility is to provide an unbiased communication platform for all members of the dental laboratory community....See more

  • Patrick Eschenfelder · Dental Technician at Esthetic Touch Lab (Outsourcing)

    . . .Thank You! Goes out to all the LMT Staffers as well as Miss Judy for the feedback on Lab Day . . .very much APPRECIATED. One point of interest for all those Diabolically Oppossed to 'Outsourcing Outside the Us ' 'YOUR PRODUCT ' speaks for itself. If you don't Want To Outsource to them . . .then by all means 'DON"T! . . The only thing 'You have to fear . . . is Fear itself'! Thank You! Patrick!

  • Sjaan Adema, CDT/TE · Owner at Contemporary Crowning

    Look what I found on Google just now.....I want to cry! What do you guys think about that one.

    PFM $24.50 E-Max $51 US FDA Reg.
    High Quality, Low Cost, and Fast!

  • Jing Gao · Overseas Sales Manager at Nationwide Dental Lab

    What do you think" with the high cost of new technology such as CAD/CAM systems, laser welders and electrode position systems, outsourcing is not just a luxury, but a necessity" ??

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