• Jim Erb, CDT · Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Hello all you Bridgers!
    We are only 9 days away from a very exciting 1 and 1/2 days of education, new...See more

  • Jim Erb, CDT · Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Happy Holidays!
    Just two months until Lab Day Chicago 2014. Check out the Nov/Dec issue of LMT to see...See more

  • We had Sirona in lab rap in our lab lest Wednesday. We loved what we heard but not sure if we would make...See more

  • Jim Erb, CDT · Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Hello everyone. Just a short note to let you know I will be presenting a 1-hour scientific CDT credit...See more

  • I understand you taking exception with the over simplification of the outsource issue but to say that...See more — tagged Outsourcing

  • Florentino Barron, CDT · Owner/President at Barron's Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Does anyone know of a facility that is processing partial frames using a scanner and outsourcing the...See more

    The ROI Factor
    Bob Cohen, CDT · Jun 06, 2012

    Hi, Being a reseller of CAD CAM equipment we have found it to be very interesting that many decision makers in dental labs want help figuring out if it's the right time to buy. From a business perspective it's all about return on investment (ROI). So, for the sake of this exercise let's look at the...

  • Hi guys. I am tired of shipping out my models to milling centers and waiting for them to return, only...See more — tagged 3 topicsOutsourcing

  • I do not do any Outsourcing or importing to any other country outside the USA. I get my work done here...See more — tagged 3 topicsExcise Tax
    Medical Device

  • Tija, thanks for taking the time to speak your mind. Clearly, we know this is a highly emotional issue...See more

  • Patrick Eschenfelder · Dental Technician at Esthetic Touch Lab (Outsourcing)

    . . .Thank You! Goes out to all the LMT Staffers as well as Miss Judy for the feedback on Lab Day ....See more

  • Sjaan Adema, CDT/TE · Owner at Contemporary Crowning

    Look what I found on Google just now.....I want to cry! What do you guys think about that one.

    PFM...See more

  • Jing Gao · Overseas Sales Manager at Nationwide Dental Lab

    What do you think" with the high cost of new technology such as CAD/CAM systems, laser welders and electrode...See more

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