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  • Jo-Ann Levins · Dental Education Assistant at Ivoclar Vivadent

    Looking for continuing education classes in the September, we have the following classes available:

    All Ceramic, All-Options featuring Zenostar and IPS e.max CAD
    September 11, 2015
    Course Fee: $249.00
    7 CE credits
    800-533-6825 X4291 to register

    Master Course B - Design & Fabrication of Attached Bar Retained Over-Dentures, Digital Planning & All-on-4 Conversion with Tom Wade, CDT
    September 17 & 18, 2015
    Course Fee $699.00
    14 CE hours

    Zirconia Esthetics Naturally - The Harmony of Zirconia & Titanium in Implant...See more

  • I'm considering purchasing a 3 shape scanner soon. I've been evaluating various workflows and was wondering how many different ways current users are putting the scans to work. Such as; anyone splitting the files for SLM copings or zirconia coping with milled or printed wax ups for press-to restorations? Milled gold crowns with Strategic Milling? Any good or bad experiences with CAP or CMC? I've been milling in house with in-lab and have decided not to pursue another milling machine at this time. So I'm looking to partner with others to provide the mills. Thanks. — tagged 4 members3Shape, Inc.

  • We often find that labs are struggling finding reliable, trained technicians, or are unable to grow the lab at a rate that you want because you are constantly stuck at the bench, or maybe you wish you didn't have to turn down work and someone could handle your overflow, or maybe dentists are being squeezed by insurance companies and in turn that is affecting you and your pricing. If you are experiencing any of these issues, Cornerstone Direct is the answer for you. We are able to provide consistent, aesthetic and anatomical quality restorations. Whatever the reason may be, Cornerstone Direct...See more

  • How many of you are pressing your emax restorations using a furnace other then Ivoclar??? Which furnace brand would you suggest as a comparable to the new EP3010 or EP5010 dual press/fire furnace? — tagged 3 product linesIPS E.max
    Ivoclar Vivadent Programat® EP 5010

  • January 2008: LMT Readers Forecast CAD/CAM Growth

    Our 2008 Digital Technology survey found that CAD/CAM-milled restorations made up 19% of respondents' C&B workloads. We asked respondents to predict what their CAD/CAM caseload would look like by 2013, and they predicted it would more than double in those five years, rising to 42%.

    So how did their predictions pan out? According to LMT's 2013 Digital Technology survey, CAD/CAM-milled restorations made up 41% of their C&B caseloads! Pretty spot on!

    For more statistics on the growth of CAD/CAM, watch for our May issue.

  • May 2009: ADA Releases Results of Lead Study

    When the controversy over the possibility of lead in PFM restorations arose in 2008, the ADA conducted an independent study to determine the degree to which lead may be present in crowns. In 2009, it released the results of this study, which found only trace amounts of the naturally occurring element in 44 different porcelain powders and 102 finished porcelain-metal crowns produced by domestic and foreign dental laboratories. The results ranged from below detectable to 113 parts per million (ppm) in the 44 porcelain powders, and an average of 46ppm in the crowns.

    "Based on all the information...See more

  • Argen Digital Offers ArgenPMMA Temps
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Argen Digital now offers ArgenPMMA Temps, an esthetic temporary solution available in 16 classic Vita shades, one bleach shade and 5 transitional shades. ArgenPMMA Temps are quick and easy to polish and can be layered for maximum esthetics. Send an STL file to www.argendigital.com and receive your single unit to 14 unit full contour restorations in just 2 business days.

  • Earn CE credits and a win FREE product!
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Don't miss your opportunity to earn CE credits and win FREE product at Lab Day Chicago! 5 attendees per lecture will win $50 of Argen Digital Product. Visit Argen at Lab Day Chicago for details, booth 700.
    Saturday, Feb. 22
    7:30 - 8:30 AM = Digital A to Z: Bring All Your Product Offerings into the Digital Workflow
    From scan to restoration, Argen Digital can support your lab with products ranging from ArgenZ Zirconia and High Noble SLM copings to Digital Captek and more!

    8:30 - 9:30 AM = Transitionally Shaded Zirconia: Prep Your Zirconia for Better Esthetics in 30 Seconds
    Learn how adding transitional...See more

  • Superior Surface Finishes
    Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions · Wixom, MI

    Whether its abutments, bars, bridges, individual or multi-unit restorations, the strength and rigidity of the VersaMILL 5X and its fixturing, coupled With the knowledge of our experts enable you to produce restorations of unbelievable quality, quickly With the lowest possible tooling cost.

    Due to the extreme accuracy and high quality surface finishes, restorations made from zirconia; hard metals such as titanium; and abrasives such as glass ceramics can be produced with minimal bench times with highly detailed occlusal surfaces and razor edge margins.

  • Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions · Wixom, MI

    New DOCERAM Product Line: Teeth like Pearls - Tuesday, November 05, 2013
    The trend towards monolithic restorations made from full zirconia is unbroken.

    As one of the pioneers of dental CAD / CAM, DOCERAM Medical Ceramics sets a further milestone: pre-colored zirconia in dentine shades: NACERA Pearl.

    This dentine shade pre-colored blanks made from zirconia ease the technician's job significantly for preparation of full-contour restorations, the manual work is reduced to a minimum.

    The complete elimination is possible within the molar area.

    This was achieved by the new PCR-color concept that...See more

  • A 'Man vs. Machine' Challenge

    Dan O' Rourke put out a challenge to our industry and the LMT editorial team and I are intrigued by his suggestion for a "Man vs. Machine" challenge and are discussing its possibilities. At present we're somewhat stuck on the logistics and would love to invite input from others in the community. Since there's a ready-made CAD/CAM group, we will post the idea for a challenge in that group. Please join us in inviting dialogue that would help us form a plan of action.

    One thing that strikes us with regard to the "which is better" question, are the comments from Don Cornell, printed in our April...See more — tagged Dan O'Rourke, CDT and Milling

  • Just participated in a digital forum at Whip Mix where Dr. Russell Giordano discussed the material science and dynamics of Zirconia and Zirconia layering ceramics.... lots of "i's" and "t's" to dot and cross if you really want to ensure a scientifically sound interface between your Zr substrate and the Zr core... one thing he advocated in particular, and I know we have heard different variations on this from a variety of Zr and Zr layering mfg.s, but he stated quite emphatically, that anytime one introduces stress (grinding and/or finishing of Zr frames and full-contour Zr restorations) that a...See more — tagged Whip Mix Corp.

  • Understanding scanning and milling is only a piece of the CAD CAM puzzle. Learn the chemistry and physical properties of different types of zirconia, PMMA resins and waxes used as burnout pattern material and how they can affect the outcome of your restorations in this 1-hour webinar. — tagged CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling

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