• We often find that labs are struggling finding reliable, trained technicians, or are unable to grow the...See more

  • How many of you are pressing your emax restorations using a furnace other then Ivoclar??? Which furnace...See more — tagged 3 product linesIPS E.max
    Ivoclar Vivadent Programat® EP 5010

  • I'm considering purchasing a 3 shape scanner soon. I've been evaluating various workflows and was wondering...See more — tagged 4 users3Shape, Inc.
    Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP)

  • January 2008: LMT Readers Forecast CAD/CAM Growth

    Our 2008 Digital Technology survey found that CAD/CAM-milled restorations made up 19% of respondents'...See more

  • May 2009: ADA Releases Results of Lead Study

    When the controversy over the possibility of lead in PFM restorations arose in 2008, the ADA conducted...See more

  • Argen Digital Offers ArgenPMMA Temps
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Argen Digital now offers ArgenPMMA Temps, an esthetic temporary solution available in 16 classic Vita...See more

  • Earn CE credits and a win FREE product!
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Don't miss your opportunity to earn CE credits and win FREE product at Lab Day Chicago! 5 attendees per...See more

  • Superior Surface Finishes
    Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions · Wixom, MI

    Whether its abutments, bars, bridges, individual or multi-unit restorations, the strength and rigidity...See more

  • Axsys Dental Solutions · Axsys Dental Solutions · Wixom, MI

    New DOCERAM Product Line: Teeth like Pearls - Tuesday, November 05, 2013
    The trend towards monolithic...See more

  • A 'Man vs. Machine' Challenge

    Dan O' Rourke put out a challenge to our industry and the LMT editorial team and I are intrigued by his...See more — tagged Dan O'Rourke, CDT and Milling

  • Heraeus Kulzer · South Bend, IN

    Check out our new powder-free, scannable impressiong material Flexitime® Fast & Scan. This materials...See more

  • Whip Mix Corp. · Louisville, KY

    e.MAX® has become a very useful and well accepted tool for dental restorations. Here are some tips...See more

  • DENTSPLY Prosthetics will be at the American Dental Association Annual Meeting: October 31-November 2,...See more

  • Just participated in a digital forum at Whip Mix where Dr. Russell Giordano discussed the material science...See more — tagged Whip Mix Corp.

  • Hi! Which marker do you use for your refractory dies? Can you please share the product name/brand and supplier? Thanks! — tagged Restorations

  • Understanding scanning and milling is only a piece of the CAD CAM puzzle. Learn the chemistry and physical...See more — tagged CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling


    When you buy a Zenotec® mini we will...See more — tagged Zenotec® mini Milling System

    Wieland Zenotec® Mini
    Product (Milling) · Digital Fabrication

    High-Tech does not have to be supersized. The ultra-compact Zenotec mini milling system simply radiates effi ciency and quality. In conjunction with a scanner and a PC, we can condense your lab to desktop dimensions. Wieland Dental makes going digital so simple, you'll just love it! - 4-axis geometry -...

  • Just in case you still are not sure how becoming TRIOS Ready will benefit your lab, here are a few pointers...See more

  • New report concludes that dental implants can save costs and improve quality of life. How are you adding...See more

  • Flemming Behrend, MDT · Owner at Flemmings Dental Ceramic Studio Inc.

    Tis week I finished a PFM bridge which was created over a prep on an existing old structure. I'm not...See more

  • Aaron Roux · Candia, NH

    Good morning!! Wanted to take a brief moment to share a great article that was featured in last month's...See more — tagged Rob Teachout, CDT

  • Interesting facts to think about. 30 years ago, all the porcelain manufactures began to think about how...See more — tagged Porcelain

  • This is just me venting.. (in hopes of gaining manufacturers attention). It really frustrates me to know...See more — tagged Abutments

  • Flemming Behrend, MDT · Owner at Flemmings Dental Ceramic Studio Inc.

    I think the solution to our changing laboratory world is to reinvent ourself as Marta Lizza so eloquently...See more

    Getting bored?

    Flemming Behrend, MDT · Owner at Flemmings Dental Ceramic Studio Inc.

    I have been a lab technician for over 35 years now. Was educated in Denmark and made my career here in the United States. I have always loved my work and still enjoy my days in my laboratory. However, lately I find myself being somewhat bored as my clients more and more go for full Zirconia Cad Cam or...

    February 1, 2013 · 23

  • Getting bored?

    I have been a lab technician for over 35 years now. Was educated in Denmark and made my career here in...See more

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