• Lee Coursey · CTO at Russellville Dental Lab

    What does everyone use for Inventory Management and ordering? We've looked at a variety of solutions, but everything seems to be either A) way too complex or B) built for retail/inventory turnover.

    Does anyone have any good solutions that allow for the following tasks:
    -allow technicians to order parts
    -allow rapid entry of new parts or new vendors not used before
    -request parts not in inventory yet

    Basically, we don't want a full time person to order parts because of overly complex software. I don't want a purchasing manager -we don't have one now, and we shouldn't have to have on because...See more

  • Hello everyone. I'm a third generation dental technician. I work predominantly with implants creating supporting structures for final appliances. We are a heavy Nobel Biocare lab, but we restore on dozens of different brands and platforms each year. I'm also heavily involved with the restoration of All-On-4 style restorations and fixed hybrids. What do you do?

  • What is everyone using for inventory/lot number tracking for implant parts? I'm looking at two new systems.

  • Lee Coursey · CTO at Russellville Dental Lab

    Who's going to KDA in Louisville this weekend?

  • Lee Coursey · CTO at Russellville Dental Lab

    Let me tell you all the ways I love 3M Espe charging a $25 surcharge for orders under $250 if you order over the phone. You can order online, but it takes 48 HOURS to have your account activated online. So we, as labs who have no control over parts or implants used in the mouth, have to eat the cost. Nice business decision.

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