• Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    Ever wanted to become a DAMAS certified lab but was caught like a deer in headlights when you looked...See more

  • Beware host providers that offer web design.

    While it's great to have all of your web info and tools...See more

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    Evident wishes you all a safe and happy thanksgiving!!! Hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    Looking forward to seeing all the new friends and old friends from a fantastic year! Come by and say...See more

    LAB DAY Chicago 2014
    Feb 21-22, 2014 · Chicago, IL

    Discover products, techniques and services that can enhance your skills, boost your productivity and create all new opportunities for your business.

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    End of May and another trade show season down! A couple of notable differences between this year and...See more

  • How good was LMT Lab Day Chicago !!!!! Thank you to the LMT crew for a seamless trade show and all the...See more — tagged LAB DAY Chicago 2013

  • If you're brave enough....

    As we get to the December month of increased demand due to seasonal holidays...See more

  • Computerization in dental labs

    The more I talk to lab owners the more I realize how the weekly web tips are addressing a very acute...See more

  • Integrating Social Media

    So we all see the little social media icons in the footer or the side bar of other websites, but what...See more — tagged Elizabeth Curran and Social Media

  • Your checklist for optimizing search terms:

    We have covered this topic in some of the earlier posts...See more

  • Webinars - Good, Bad or Indifferent?

    Webinars are a great way to bring your audience together and present a new product or service, perform...See more

  • I want to get a large presence on the web but I don't have the time.

    There are so many tools you can...See more — tagged Social Media

  • Optimizing photos for search engines

    Easy one this week. After the last few posts you should have your...See more — tagged Rayne Verity

  • Heads up. FDA Regulation changes - you could be exposed because of your dental laboratory website.

    Reading...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Free dental lab websites VS others

    For anyone on the Bridge that is considering starting up a website for their lab but don't have the capital...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Okay Guys, Let's Start the Conversation

    If possible I would like to query the tech interested to find a sentiment on the electronic case submission.

    There...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Ever been designing a site or company logo and wondered which colors you should use and...See more

  • Creating the Virtual Training Course

    When BonaDent were at the market test stage of their on-site training they set up a FaceBook page and...See more — tagged BonaDental Dental Laboratories

  • Weekly Web Tip: Okay, I Have Analytics - Now What?

    For those that have had their website created and designed for them, some form of analytics would have...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Timed Web Releases

    The timed release of information can be very beneficial in terms of the relevant traffic you can get...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Adding an e-Newsletter

    There are different ways to get a database of emails together to send out some material at consistent...See more

  • Weeky Web Tip: Linking with Complementary Products

    One of the criteria that google assesses the strength of your website is with backlinks. These are links...See more

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    Thank you for all the support! Follow me if you find these tips of use or you want to add to the conversation!...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: Implementation of digital prescriptions.

    Dental laboratory websites are used for advertising, exposure, creating new relationships and supporting...See more

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