• Erin Marks · Denture Technician at LaDouce Dental Lab

    Alright... I haven't been on in forever and I have a question for all the ladies... What extra precautions should/can I take working with everything I come in contact with in a denture lab while Pregnant???

  • I am happy to say with only one visit to Chicago I learned a ton and I believe I improved my finishing technique 10 fold just by seeing the beautiful finishes on the Web site that I've been able try and emulate! So when is the next "best denture" contest? Lol I'm in for the win!!!!! — tagged LAB DAY Chicago 2013

  • I just had an amazing time with lmt!!! I'm so excited to share all the fabulous ideas and opportunity available through this community! Thanks Judy, Eric, Lauren! I met so many more than I can mention!!! I can wait till tomorrow! — tagged LAB DAY Chicago 2013

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