American Tooth Industries JUSTI® Imperial ViVo® Teeth


    Justi, a division of AMERICAN TOOTH INDUSTRIES, includes special upper anterior AXL central incisors and upper posterior PXL36 bicuspids in its Imperial...

    Imperial ViVo™ Teeth

    Product (Dentures)

    Celebrating 150 years in the dental industry, Justi®, a division of AMERICAN TOOTH INDUSTRIES, introduces Imperial ViVo teeth. This tooth line offers...

    Justi® Denture Base


    Justi Denture Base from AMERICAN TOOTH INDUSTRIES is a high-grade methacrylate polymer combined with a cross-linked, solvent-resistant monomer. It has...

    Leone Anatomical Expander


    The new Leone Anatomical Expander from LEONEAMERICA is the ideal solution for patients who need orthopedic maxillary expansion. It allows the fabrication...

    LMT Magazine

    Tools / Services

    LMT Communications delivers the business strategies, information, dental laboratory news and education that dental laboratory decision-makers need to succeed....

    Major Plus Comp


    Major Plus Comp three-layer posterior teeth consist of a composite enamel layer and acrylic dentine and cervical layers to ensure an ideal chemical bond...

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