Dental CAD

    Tools / Services

    DentalCAD is EGSolutions complete dental solution targeted at the OEM market. Based on a proprietary, open and easily customizable technology, it ranks...

    DentalSuite 64bit

    Digital Fabrication

    EGS’ DentalSuite 64bit is a complete solution for 3D scanning, modelling and designing. Based on proprietary, open technology, it includes the plug-and-play...

    Digital Smile System

    Product (Digital Fabrication)
    Digital Fabrication

    From EGS SRL, Digital Smile System software allows esthetic and functional reconstruction of a patient’s smile. Starting with photographs of the patient’s...

    Dscan Due +


    Dental Scanner All-In-One The scanner has been developed specifically for the dental industry to satisfy labs need and to enable users to reach the end...

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