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Chuck Warren covers coping, full contour and bridge design and anatomical adjustments. He also reviews the latest 3Shape updates and the integration into design/work environments including articulation adjustments, contact adjustments, anatomy adjustments and implant design.

Wieland Dental

Amherst, NY

Leading digital esthetics

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LAB DAY Chicago 2012

Feb 24-25, 2012 · Chicago, IL

Discover products, techniques and services that can enhance your skills, boost your productivity and...See more

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Loyalty to their Laboratories

According to LMT's 2013 Dentist Survey, 50% of dentist-respondents have not switched their primary laboratory in the past five years. Among the other half: - 22% switched once - 17% changed twice - 8% tried a new lab three times - 3% switched four times or more

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