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The HT Speed by Mihm Vogt from ZUBLER USA features 90-minute zirconia speed sintering cycles as well as regular cycles. It has six MoSi2 heating elements, a maximum temperature of 1,650°C and quality inner insulation to ensure low power consumption. Two trays can be fired simultaneously, doubling the amount of work that can be sintered. The furnace is equipped with door security circuitry to prevent accidental opening and a thermocouple circuit...See more

  • 770-921-2131 (Atlanta), 972-600-9187 (Dallas), sales@zublerusa.com
Zubler USA

Dallas, TX


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Multiple Fee Schedules

According to LMT’s 2012 Fee Survey, 42% of laboratories have more than one fee schedule. Here are the top three reasons why: (1) 48% Lower fee for high-volume clients; (2) 39% Fees for “high-end” restorations are higher than ones for conventional ones; (3) 39% Fees for “economy” restorations are lower than those for conventional ones

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