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  • Attention Competition Participants! Do you need CANDULOR materials to create your masterpiece? No problem…...See more

  • I am looking for ceramists, customer service/technical representatives, removable techs, and sales reps...See more — tagged Networking

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    End of May and another trade show season down! A couple of notable differences between this year and...See more

  • Jack Garcia, CDT · Prettau Director at Tischler Dental Lab

    Within the reassurance of new technologies coming into the market of Dental Technology, we are testing...See more

  • Jeff Jaje · Marketing & Business Development Manager at Sescoi USA

    We have learned, as developers of dental CAM software for implants, that there is some confusion about...See more

  • how do I set up an incentive program for my employees. On production. gross sales? I have an ortho...See more — tagged Lab Management and Business Management

  • If you are heading to DLOAC please plan to join us on Thursday, November 15th for a in-depth training...See more

  • I have a question! Since we are going to be considered selling MEDICAL DEVICES should we be collecting...See more — tagged Medical Device and Excise Tax

  • Heads up. FDA Regulation changes - you could be exposed because of your dental laboratory website.

    Reading...See more

  • FDA. new rules for dental labs ??
    any one know whats the deal with dental labs having to pay 2500 a...See more — tagged Excise Tax and Medical Device

  • Weekly Web Tip: Ever been designing a site or company logo and wondered which colors you should use and...See more

  • Making Work FUN
    Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    How many times have you gotten some highly creative idea after watching or playing with your child?

    Creating...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In This Issue: How to get paid. Improve email open rates. Prepare for the turnover tsunami. Sales prospecting in today's economy.

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Prepare for the Turnover Tsunami
    The latest employment news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Because the availability of credit has a direct relation to the business’s...See more

  • Deborah Murphy · Manager, Human Resources at GC America Inc.

    We are looking for a Lab Technician/Ceramist who is interested in moving into sales in the New York territory....See more

  • Greetings from the Lab Day exhibit hall where the LMT sales and events staff is hard at work setting...See more — tagged 4 usersLaurie Freddino
    Jessica Fila
    Kate Conetta
    Lauren Meehan

  • Patrick Eschenfelder · Dental Technician at Esthetic Touch Lab (Outsourcing)

    . . .I just read the article 'Sold in China. . .Great article , and i wish to comment on it .
    . . .I...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    The Best B-to-B Email Marketing Practices

    We hear e-mail marketing is becoming obsolete and social networking...See more

  • Jing Gao · Overseas Sales Manager at Nationwide Dental Lab

    Everyone here seems really professional, which makes me feel frustrated, cause I am overseas sales, not...See more

  • Steve Jones · Owner at Rainbow Dental

    I have a lab in a dental building that service 6 to 8 doctors, recently they have decided to get together...See more

  • Mark T. Murphy, DDS · Lead Faculty Clinical Education at MicroDental DTI

    It has been a great start to my new role at DTI/Microdental. It is so good to be back with these folks....See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Using Sales Flyers Correctly

    This is the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way for a business to immediately...See more

  • Ken Hallett · President at National Dentex Corp

    Does anyone know if a survey was done on Dental Laboratory demographics on the number of Dental Laboratories...See more

  • Jim Thacker · Vice President at Utah Valley Dental Lab/UVDL

    OUTSIDE SALES: I'd be interested in hearing experiences of labs who have had sustained, profitable success...See more

  • Jack Jabbour · CEO/General Manager at Vision Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Hi everyone!! first of all thanks to LMT for creating "the bridge" which seems to be a professional...See more

  • Chelsey Hancock · Marketing Strategist at NSI

    Hey all!
    If I'm in the market for purchasing a scanner, what is the best way to go about contacting...See more

  • John Collins · Works at Cornerstone Dental Labs


    I'm doing a bit of research and would like to ask what ratios are common in the "Sales and...See more

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