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  • Just in case you still are not sure how becoming TRIOS Ready will benefit your lab, here are a few pointers...See more

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    End of May and another trade show season down! A couple of notable differences between this year and...See more

  • Karen Johnson, CDT · Owner at Johnson Dental Ceramics

    Has anyone had any dealings with America Smiles for milling or any of their other services. (discounts...See more

  • Last week our lab sponsored Dr Howard Farran (CEO of to over 100 dentists and 14 vendors...See more

  • Is anyone out there working with Zirlux? Zahn claims that the Schein clinical reps will be marketing...See more — tagged Zirlux FC

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In this issue of the Dental Post's: 1) What if The Job Could Talk? 2) A Winning Formula for Marketing...See more

  • The viral video can be used to explain how a simple message such as this blog can reach the masses using...See more — tagged Marketing

  • Just like most of you, I believe in getting high value for my well spent dollars, as a matter of fact....that's...See more — tagged Marketing

  • Weekly Web Tip: Ever been designing a site or company logo and wondered which colors you should use and...See more

  • In all seriousness, how many US labs want to work for dentists who expect to pay $23 for a offshore crown?...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    In this issue: 1. Managing Products for Profit Performance 2. The Proper Foundation for Your Content...See more

  • Weekly Web Tip: When working on your website you work with a lot of the marketing fundamentals for your...See more

  • Dr. Scotty Bolding, DDS, MS, offers an all day lecture and hands-on program on disciplines of digital...See more

    Jun 13
    Digital Dentistry: Growing Your Practice Now and In The Future
    Event (Digital Dentistry: Growing Your Practice Now and In the Future) · Jun 13, 2012 8:30 am to 4:00 pm · San Jose, CA

    - Understand how to incorporate digital implant technology into your practice or lab - Deliver high quality and more predictable patient care through the use of digital technologies

  • Rayne Verity · Marketing & Finance Manager at Evident, Inc.

    Of those laboratories that have websites:

    68% feel their “digital calling card” is just another...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Because the availability of credit has a direct relation to the business’s...See more

  • Stan Bookstaber, CDT · Owner/CEO at Dentprod

    Unfortunately, My contacts aren't as prolific nation wide as they used to be. But, if you need to bounce...See more

  • Han Yang, CDT · President at Art Dental Lab

    Is there a wage survey for marketing person in LMT article?

  • Mitch Kline · Product Specialist at Klineco

    From a marketing strategy, the problem in this industry is the tail wags the dog. So many labs have invested...See more

  • Christiana Chembars · Marketing at Pittman Dental Lab

    "..We carry our brand around with us everywhere we go, whether we realize it or not."

  • Betty Zoller, CDT/TE · Dept/Head Ceramist at Dental Lab

    Hello, Jason Reis what is new at Jensen Dental? Feb. is here now, time to go Chicago Meeting and get...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    The Best B-to-B Email Marketing Practices

    We hear e-mail marketing is becoming obsolete and social networking...See more

  • Jim Thacker · Vice President at Utah Valley Dental Lab/UVDL

    Just finished this book on a flight home from Dallas. A great read with lots of practical application...See more

  • Exclusive announcement for Bridge/Facebook fans only: The VITA ZYRCOMAT® 6000 MS HighSpeed sintering...See more

  • Curt Morgese, CDT · Owner/Ceramist at Oral Renaissance Dental Lab

    I would like to know if this group feels that there is ever a time when you should tell the dentist that...See more

  • Nick Azar · Managing Director at Azar & Associates

    Using Sales Flyers Correctly

    This is the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way for a business to immediately...See more

  • Marc Daichman · Owner at Asteto Dental Laboratories

    Our lab has focused for,well, a long time(25+yrs) on NJ (with a few from surrounding states) very heavily,being...See more

  • Mark Jackson, RDT · Owner at Precision Ceramics Dental Lab

    We have been experimenting with some new materials in our 5 axis R&D milling machine, and we have found...See more

  • Kelly Fessel Carr · Associate Publisher/Editor at LMT Communications, Inc.

    32 vendors are now on The BRIDGE!

    LMT's editors are interested in hearing about your experiences with...See more

  • John Collins · Works at Cornerstone Dental Labs


    I'm doing a bit of research and would like to ask what ratios are common in the "Sales and...See more

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