In the past nine years, Studio 32 in Cedar Rapids, IA, has grown from nine employees to 25 thanks to digital technology and creative marketing strategies.

DTG celebrates the sharing of knowledge and techniques among its members to enhance everyone’s skills. This philosophy was palpable at the second annual DTG Symposium in August, which included the first ever World Mixed Dental Arts Championship competition.

LMT taps into the expertise of 20 laboratory owners and managers from all size labs who’ve successfully incorporated digital technology into their operations, offering real-life experiences and tips on what we all wish we would have known before taking the plunge.

Nearly three quarters of respondents to LMT’s exclusive 2014 Wage Survey have taken cost-cutting measures related to personnel in the last two years, citing unpredictable workflows, pricing pressure from dentists and other low-cost labs, and an increase in business costs.

Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in your own digital equipment? Going digital was the name of the game at NADL Vision 21 in Las Vegas in January where speakers offered tips on how to incorporate new technology into the laboratory.

It's a perfect storm heading straight for your bottom line: the economic crisis, new technology, profit erosion, offshore competition and the changing demographics among your dentist-clients...